Retaining people. 2nd basic activity on your mlm business

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There are 3 basic activities in any boasting mlm business : 1-enrolling people, 2-retaining people 3-moving big volumes of product. Today we are going to speak about the second activity : retaining people.

Retention is a great science. Increasing and maintained retention in your mlm business is based on 3 issues: 1-action, 2-information and 3-feelings.


One of the crucial factors of mlm members lack of motivation is caused by deep frustration that occurs when newcomers are not having results because of a lack of action. The most important thing for someone who has just signed in an mlm -especially if we are talking about a networker applicant- is that he/she feels belonging to a very active team with a lot of members in continuous motion, thanks to an efficient training system fully booked of amazing activities and tools.

Activities can be offline (home meetings, hotel meetings, product workshops, super Saturdays, recognition rallies, company conventions…) or online (online business presentations, leadership calls, technical webinars…).

Likewise, educational system tools implemented by your team to qualify its members will be also offline and online. Their mission will be getting very quickly a newcomer in action to fight for his/her personal goals. It will be also crucial for their success that the sponsor invest some time reviewing his/her first steeps and activities in the business.


If newcomer doesn’t get a clear, global, neutral and verifiable information on your business opportunity (company, leading corporation staff, scientific team, scale of growth, products, international expansion strategy…) will not establish his/her bridges of belief, will not move ahead and his/her initial enthusiasm will fuse as when you spill powder snow in boiling water.

It will be also very important bringing him/her valuable information about your team to get him/her harmonized with your activities and to feel belonging of it, contributing to enhance the team with his/her skills and personal strengths as soon as possible. Likewise, it will be great if he/she is nourished of industry big leaders histories; your team leaders histories and even your personal success histories, as a source of inspiration that will mitigate his/her bad moments and will expand their personal enrollees vision.

Without this basic information, there won’t be any retention in your mlm business and your organization will adopt a cylinder shape: so many people getting in and so many people getting out. And you will be forced to become a recruiter of recruiters to survive -hurriedly signing people and hurriedly abandoning them at their own luck, even the same recruiting day- and selling products door to door. You will fall down in a bottomless well without a few possibilities to get out, moving back 50 years in time and turning into a distributor who buys a big amount of products and tries to sell it door to door on a forced sale and might be occasionally recruiting ruthless people and any other kind of aggressive sellers.


We all have a sweet heart and we all need to feel helped, specially at the beginning in this type of business. In most cases, we start a mlm business without having any idea about how to build a net. And we desperately needing a comprehensive, patient, transparent and honest mentor. Otherwise, we do not feel valued neither protected and little by little we are getting out of the business until one day we completely quit, looking for another mlm business option or proclaiming loudly the most terrible mentor’s defeat: mlm does not work.

To avoid it, listen quietly any personal enrollee question and give him/her your most valuable and right advice to promote an increasing retention that will allow you to get a great life thank’s to your mlm business.

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