MLM Companies Types

‘In the stormy mlm industry universe almost so many mlm types of companies exist as number of business options : The huge and anchored in the past, the volatile and modern; the morally honest, the light of scruples; the solid that remain, the fast making money and disappear; those who already expanded to 5 continents, those who will never go out of a tiny geographical area; those who understood which was the trend of the market, those which were wrong of sector and only they will ride for a few years’.

Scales of Growth Types

‘If you talk to that old fashioned great distributor in your mlm who has developed on the field a great distributors’ network and ask him about the growth scale your mlm is in nowadays, probably he will turn the conversation aside or give you an unacceptable answer. And this will be due to basically 2 possibilities: 1 he has no idea of what you are talking about, which is would be severe; or 2 he knows it but he doesn’t want you to know it, which is even more ridiculous’.

Products Types

‘During a certain time, tired by a particular experience with a too technical product, I wanted to get convinced that products were not important for a company to be successful in mlm. In fact, for 2 years I promoted a mlm option that promoted banal products and that never came to me, since they ended up expiring in a Florida dump warehouse’.

‘With a very direct speech and without unnecessary ornaments, this book has been written from a deep analysis of the whole Network Marketing industry. I consider it necessary for those who wish becoming true professionals and/or increasing their knowledge on mlm in a quite unsuspected way’.

Lázaro Talaya

‘Carlos reveals, on a clear and direct manner, 9 crucial factors to be seriously taken to succeed in mlm business. By means of an elegant speech and reflecting his wide experience fulfilled with real examples, he bring us the keys to aim faster our goals. There’s no room for a doubt that this book will be a reference in mlm’.

Jaime Fernández-Castellá