Moving product. 3rd basic activity on your mlm business.

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There are 3 basic activities in any boasting mlm business : 1-enrolling people, 2-retaining people 3-moving big volumes of product. Today we are going to speak about the third activity : moving big volumes of product.

Personal consumption of your mlm product

Without any money, there’s no rock’n’roll. And without an abundant products consumption in your own net, there is no lasting residual income. To enjoy it for a long time, you should be turning to an excellent consumer of your mlm products. Unfortunately, this simple activity is often forgotten by most networkers only worried by enrolling people.

If you do not like your products and you do not consume them eagerly every day, your organization will suffer a serious problem and your business volume will decrease rapidly. Without a right personal consumption, you will not have a needed moral authority to share them, to promote them and to sell them. Some incongruous distributors forget the principles of this industry: the recommendation act. Humans, we have developed the recommending habit as a normal activity. And we do so when a product or a service has pleased us and we keep in our mind a pleasant sensation. We criticize everything that create in us a contradictory or painful feeling. And simply we ignore what made us indifferent. My question is: how are we going to promote a product or a service that makes us indifferent?

Hollow recommendations in mlm

The greatest majority of mlm teams include in their business plans a small paragraph in which they mention that when someone recommends a movie, a restaurant or a book doesn’t get any economical compensation. In mlm industry, we are going to be rewarded if we make a right recommendation of our company product. And that is true and only works if our recommendation is fully true and there are no hidden lies or exaggerations in your speech.

I have been talking to many mlm leaders and to my huge surprise some distributors do not give a damn for their own company products and they say proudly :

I do not like my company products. My wife likes them. I only do this for money. I am a network marketing professional. Have you ever heard something like that? Are you as indifferent to this sentence as that person to his own products?

Some distributors do not care and do not consume their own products and devote themselves to lie vilely anytime they have to promote them : Take this 3 times per day: in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. In some weeks you will feel better and your life will be great. And it turns out that the one who makes that recommendation only tried it once and quickly went to the bathroom to wash his mouth, because an over-sweet flavor did not wake up a pleasant sensation to him. Such an attitude constitutes a moral robbery, does not lay the foundations of a promising future and will lead that network sooner or later to suffering. Do not forget that a liar is caught before that a lame.

Rumors spread out very quickly inside the mlm industry. If you wish to develop a long lasting career as a networker, you better find a product that passionates you. Consume it and recommend it also with passion. If you do not consume your product, you are not going to have any personal testimony, you will not be able to promote it in a natural way and your prospects will notice it and won’t get enrolled by you on your mlm business and even neither consume your product.

Enrolling people without moving any product

Even if you are lucky promoting a product with social connotation and unlimited reconsumption, be careful not to feed the temptation of enrolling only people with leader’s profile as a principal activity on your mlm business. Remember! If you like to maintain a healthy mlm organization, you must rely at least on 70% of their members only consuming the product for the mere pleasure of consuming it, without trying to benefit from the kindness of your compensation plan. Many people ignore this important point and go to the field to chase individuals with a Bengal tiger’s look naively thinking that they will build up a great mlm business net and without realizing that this wrong strategy has no sense. If that leaders’ profile are only worried about enrolling leader profiles and forget promoting their own products and not looking for satisfied consumers who will maintain that net, they will start digging their own mlm business tomb.

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