History of MLM. 5th part (2000-to date)

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Rewarding teamwork in mlm?

New millenium offered to the mlm industry the most revolutionary, synergic, strategic and lucrative compensation plan never seen before : hybrid binary. A logical and improved evolution of binaries -existing in the second part of the nineties- in total harmony with the needs of this 21st century, since it rewards teamwork and synergetic relations between all their members. As a principal innovation, the hybrid binary imported a very generous medium-term developing bonus called matching bonus. It might be described as having a unilevel plan inside a binary plan. Unilevel + binary = hybrid binary.

This leads me to confirm, without dread of being wrong, that hybrid binary is the most generous and lucrative plan of the mlm history. And, in addition to that, it allows leadership and teamwork to definitely emerge in our dear mlm industry.

Hybrid binary detractors -most of them have not ever build up a net with such a compensation plan- claim that they do not like to balance left and right teams. They ignore that paying team automatically alternates with lesser team if a real leadership is developed across a personalized mentoring with main leaders of both teams. Also, if one team develops faster than the other one, it should be an extra motivation to aim a similar amount of points week after week for both teams.

Synergic and brotherly relations in mlm

Those detractors do not know that it doesn’t exist in a team a greater pleasure that seeing their members fighting together for common aims, because the pointing production lines are shared; allowing that synergic and brotherly relations show up and shared efforts, to obtain every week new ranges among the team components, become an entertaining game to which all the members take part, even though just simply bringing product to a final consumer.

They didn’t enjoy either the matching bonus, which is activated as soon as an average range is reached. Such a bonus rewards leadership and correct duplication of distributors with a generous percentage of weekly hybrid binary earnings of personal enrollees, being placed in any of both teams. Depending on the range that you reach, the hybrid binary will allow you to get it up to 7 generations of personal enrollees : 1st your personal enrollees, 2nd personal enrollees of your personal

enrollees, 3rd personal of your personal of your personal enrollees,… and down till 7. Bigger turnover in your mlm, greater residual revenue thank’s to an additional bonus to your own binary and to other types of minor bonuses.

In the nineties, we saw unilevel plans allowing distributors to recruit no limits wide, but generating unconnected production lines without any complicity or strong teamwork between downlines that quickly generated notorious tensions among all members : >>>last week you were 2 days with Greg and none with me. You are helping him much more than me<<<< -those kind of jealous an unhappy personal enrollees comments arose. Luckyly, mlm industry is wise and corrected this fault allowing to build up a net with such a powerful compensation plan as hybrid binary and also with only a hundred monthly points on a personal code, as we found on unilevels.

Look for reconsumable products in mlm

New millenium confirmed also that the more reconsumable is a product, the more appropriate is for mlm. And as prices of health and well-being are always pushed to rise by conventional business, nutritional, beauty and well-being products could remain stable in mlm, since it does not exist a pressure to decrease prices on international markets.

Internet and new technologies allowed attraction marketing advanced strategies be implemented by certain distributors who already had a great experience on the field and a mentality in harmony with technological issues, which make easy building up and strengthening virtual relations between their geographically distant members. It might not the best solution, but it avoids awful cold prospecting.

My current advice is : look for a rare combination of factors to be successful in mlm in this 21st century:
– A highly reconsumable product that matters to people.
– Being in the trend of health and well-being.
– Supported by a hybrid binary compensation plan that it will allow real leadership to show up and be developed.

If you are already there, get my sincere congratulations! If you are not there yet, and still wish to enjoy a long and successful career in the mlm industry, make up your mind and search for this rare combination of factors in a flourishing and encouraging mlm option.

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