Enrolling people. 1st basic activity on your mlm business

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There are 3 basic activities in any boasting mlm business : 1-enrolling people, 2-retaining people 3-moving big volumes of product. Today we are going to speak about the first activity : enrolling people.

Without people, a net is never built neither a product promoted -even if that product has a very strong internet positioning, the difference between a high level demanding product and another one that goes unnoticed is always made by people’s passionate recommendations-. Consequently, if we do not personally enroll a good number of people, weekly residual revenue will be an unattainable chimera; we will be losing our time, deceiving ourselves and might creating the circumstances to hear one day a rebel prospect joking about ourselves with the hateful sentence : ‘I told you, mlm does not work’.

When you will enroll a new partner, you might find yourself in front of 1 of these 3 profiles types : 1-client, 2-distributor or 3-networker applicant.


Clients do not want to know anything about your mlm business and the only thing they are interested in is your product for their own consumption. In order to get interesting residual revenue from this profile of people, you should have a highly social connotation product with an unlimited consumption. I recommend you to look for a product that is easily understandable for average people -since it substitutes another conventional product already known- and improves its properties. Also look for a product that allows consumers an unlimited consumption of it, since is not subject to an strict daily dose ruled by its mlm company.

Run away from over-sweet products that do not offer pleasure to consumer, since do not wake up unlimited consumer’s consumption habits; reject all kinds of difficult-to-prepare products when you are far from home; forget about technological products, because consumption’s interest is not kept forever by final consumers; stay away from any alternative and too small segment of population targeted product.

Get a bran new code for your new client, put him/her active in autoship and do not lose your time trying to promote your company or giving him/her a lot of information about components, patents and product certifications.


Distributors are charmed with sales and feel happy buying a great quantity of products and distributing them door to door, reselling and

earning a small margin.
And when I say small margin it is because real profit in all kinds of mlm business options is located in commissions shared by people who build up a net, since profit margin in reselling it is fixed around 10 to 15%. Obviously, those exiguous percentages make not worthy to take a product to a client’s house because profitability is practically non-existent.

Distributors will slightly ask for more information based on products than clients : components, magisterial formulae, basic information about the company… They will not feel attracted on the mlm business that you are promoting either. Occasionally, they will enroll some clients who are living far from them and, if they are naturists doctors and your products are good for people’s health, they will prescribe or resell them to their own patients.

If there’s a product fair in your town, invite them. If there is a new products launch, visit them. And basically nothing else.

3-Networker applicants

Networker applicants are ready to listen a business opportunity. They will be enthusiastic with it and will quickly start fighting to generate a B plan allowing them to aim their own longings. To get them on the track, you will have to develop your mentoring aptitudes across the experience that you will be hoarding. Nobody gave us mentoring as a subject in high school or university, neither leadership, nor vision and we will have to learn the basics about them making some mistakes. If you are lucky to be enrolled by someone who knows a lot about this and generously shares it with you, great! You will save yourself multitude of displeasures and losses of time. If not, no big deal! Life is beautiful and will offer to you the possibility of establishing a partner relationship with wonderful people you will feel in harmony with, sharing an interesting path together.

Give the right information to networker applicants, neither a lot nor a few. And dealing with correct and personalized times in order they will assimilate it suitably. Do not kill them on the mlm business because you provide them too much information in the short space of time. If you achieve they grow on your side, you will obtain big promoters of your business and product. Help tirelessly new partners and duplicate the whole process supported by your offline and online educational team tools. And, if you are persevering, sooner or later you will receive the reward of abundant residual revenue from your mlm net.

In the following video-posts we will talk about the other 2 basic activities to be promoted being successful in mlm.

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